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 No time to cook tonight? Enjoy our ready-to-serve items like smoked Tri-Tip, Ribs, Pulled Pork & Chicken!

Now taking Holiday Meat pre-orders!  Save 15% when you order with deposit by December 15th!

Come experience Ventura’s premier butcher shop located at 3049 E. Main Street in Ventura’s midtown area, just one block west of the Pacific View Mall.  With a focus on personal service and sustainable locally-sourced foods, Main Street Meats & Real Foods Market is a full-service butcher shop specializing in the highest quality grass-fed (and often organic) beef that’s dry-aged for outstanding flavor and cut to order. 

Main Street Meats Organic and Meats

We believe there is a lot of truth in the old adage that “you are what you eat” and, well, who wants to be a chemical preservative or a steroid?  Not us!  That’s why all of our meats are humanely raised and processed with non-GMO feed and NO steroids or hormones.  We sell organic chicken and pork sustainably raised, and fresh American lamb that have never been packaged, frozen or pre-cut! 

Come try our delectable thick-sliced bacon cut to order – it’s definitely a favorite with customers!  We grind, cut and produce many products in small batches right here on the premises, which means our ground chuck is actually 100% chuck steak and our sausages and specialty burgers are always fresh and void of any dyes or artificial preservatives.  Our grass-fed beef is dry-aged on the premises until ready to be put in the case and cut to your order. Most weekends, delicious BBQ Tri-Tip, Ribs and Chicken are available hot off the grill! Come enjoy Ventura’s authentic butcher shop – and so much more!  

HOURS: Tuesday-Saturday 9 am - 6 pm;  Sunday 10 am - 5 pm. Closed Monday.   805-643-0318

Open 9am-6pm on Monday 12/17.  Open 9am-2pm on Monday 12/24 & 12/31. Closed 12/25, 12/26, 1/1 & 1/2.

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... We're more than a Butcher Shop

We are also “real” serious about being a Real Foods Market!  You’ll find organic milk, butter, cheese and other organic dairy products along with local eggs (organic or free range, depending upon the local source).  Customers love the selection of bulk spices and our hand-picked specialty items, such as gourmet salts and olive oils. 

Delicious breads are delivered daily and made locally by the passionate folks at Wildflour Bakery.  Gluten free pasta? Yes we carry that too (though it sells out fast), along with many authentic imported Italian goods hand-selected for their outstanding quality.  Local organic honey and locally-made BBQ sauces?  Yup, we have those too along with a small seasonal selection of local produce.

Main Street Meats Organic products
Enjoy delicious Deli sandwiches made to your order and savory Salads made right here from trusted family recipes – and some favorite new ones too!  Fuel up with organic Coffee & Teas, including cold brew organic fair trade coffee!  Tasty desserts, including gluten free options, are often available from local artisan suppliers.

At Main Street Meats & Real Foods Market, every single product has been thoughtfully evaluated.  So if you have any questions – please just ask. We would be happy to serve you and to help you create fabulous, memorable meals for your family and friends - including organic turkeys, hams, and roasts!  And if you prefer to stock up with a whole steer (or pig, lamb, etc.) specially ordered and cut to your specifications, we can do that too!

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Our Ethics


A butcher shop that even a vegetarian could love?  Yes, you could say that this is exactly what Main Street Meats is – or strives to be!  Sharon and the entire Main Street Meats team have created a market where everyone is welcome and where everyone can find high quality, locally-sourced and ethically raised foods. “Food with integrity” is one of Sharon’s mottoes, and certainly integrity is something upon which everyone can agree.


Every single product in the market has been thoughtfully considered…  What is it made of?  Is it free of dyes and preservatives?  Is it locally sourced or can it be?  Was it humanely raised?  Do we know the rancher and can we verify their practices and animal stewardship?  In short, would we serve this to our own friends and family?  If the answer is yes, then we proudly bring it into the market for your well-being and culinary enjoyment. 


We are ranchers too, having been farming and raising animals right here in Ventura County for over 15 years. Prior to opening Main Street Meats, we build a reputation for selling the highest quality grass-fed beef and locally-raised eggs at various farmers markets in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties.  Then in 2013 the site of the former Frank’s Market became available, and we felt a strong calling to open Main Street Meats & Natural Foods Market. 


We try to honor the legacy of Frank and Mike Rea and of this place which has been long known as Ventura’s original and most loved butcher shop.  Opened in the early 1920’s by Mike Rea’s maternal grandmother, the store was originally known as the Triangle Park Market (“triangle” referring to the nearby intersection of Thompson Blvd., Main St. and Telegraph Rd.)  The market was leased as a restaurant for a brief period before Rea’s uncle, Bud Kilmer, reopened it as a butcher shop, naming it Bud’s 101 Market because back then Main Street also served as Highway 101!  Mike’s father Frank took over in the 1950’s and renamed it Frank’s Market.  He built an honest business in the best traditions of an old-time butcher shop, which Mike Rea continued until his retirement in 2012.

This is the legacy that we honor, and though we’ve made changes (perhaps some that even a vegetarian would approve), we are proud to continue the tradition of Ventura’s original butcher shop in providing real food, with integrity.


 If you have any questions about the sources of our meats, poultry, dairy, eggs etc., please just ask.  We’ll be happy to tell you where today’s selections come from and why we’re proud to serve them.

Main Street Meats Ethical
Main Street Meats photo
Main Street Meats Steaks

What's New?!


We are now taking pre-orders for your fabulous holiday meats!

Order by 12/16 with deposit to Save 15%-off your holiday meat order!

The holidays are a season to be savored, so don't settle for less -- serve only the best from Main Street Meats! Our beef is Prime 30-day aged for the ultimate flavor.

We are happy to answer all of your questions to help ensure that you're holiday feast is memorable for all the right reasons!

Extended Holiday Hours! We'll be OPEN 10am-5pm on Monday, December 17th.  On Christmas Eve (12/24) and New Years Eve (12/31) we'll be OPEN 9am-2pm.  We will be closed on 12/25, 12/16, 1/1 and 1/2.


What People Are Saying...
Adam G.'s profile photo
Adam G.
Ventura, CA

This is the place to go for meat in Ventura.High quality, grass fed, dry aged meat.  Amazing Italian and breakfast sausage that they make there.  Fantastic, thick cut bacon.  The service is always excellent.  Sharon is always super helpful during a consult of how to cook any type of meat you buy.  I recommend signing up at their little check in station when you make your purchase.  Just enter your phone number and you'll find a nice savings every few purchases.  Also, cash is king there.  You get a 5% discount when paying in cash.They recently started serving BBQ tri-tip and brisket.  Best BBQ I've had in Ventura County. I'm very thankful that Ventura has a local butcher that supplies such high quality meat.

Jan 28, 2017
Jim G.'s profile photo
Jim G.
Ventura, CA

Been driving by this place forever, never stopped in.  Sorry I didn't stop sooner. I needed Turkey Parts for thanksgiving since it is just my daughter and I and didn't want to cook a full bird.Lo and behold they are getting them the week before thanksgiving and I was able to order fresh not frozen...AwesomeThe place is a hidden treasure. All the meats, deli counter and full line of Cento Italian productswere incredible.  They can get what they don't have in stock (duck breasts) etc. I have chef training and love to cook. This place is my new source for all meat.  Sustainable , grass fed , all natural.  Please please please if you need any kind of special meat, special treatment or cut on you meat Come to this place. Support what they are doing here so we can enjoy it for a long time to come . They are knowledgeable meat cutters not just packaged and standing behind a counter. Havent tried the Deli yet but I can tell you the pork belly sandwich is first on my list ....

Oct 29, 2016
George B.'s profile photo
George B.
Ventura, CA

The sandwiches and potato salad are great for lunch. The bacon burgers are great. I cooked mine on the grill on low medium. Perfection. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Aug 4, 2016
Danyea M.'s profile photo
Danyea M.
Ventura, CA

I learned I had celiac disease after years of food elimination diets, and many medical issues including blood transfusions. Eventually I settled on 6 ensures a day and bird food.I loved cooking ,It had always been a part of my tradition, and a way of staying sane in times of stress,and a creative outlet .Now it was just to painful to be in the same room with food. And then I stopped in Sharon's shop for bird food (kind bars).Every time I went in, everyone in the store was so kind. The smell of the bbq almost made me cry. I explained to Sharon why I feared eating any meat ,because of the feed that most farmed animals eat including many gluten containing grains and oats. Despite my bouts of severe anemia and malnutrition, I'd become sick too many times after just one bite. Sharon unlike many others in the food service business did not role her eyes or assure me that their would be no problem, she actually asked questions, and did independent research.I will never ...

Jul 13, 2016
Dustin K.'s profile photo
Dustin K.
Ventura, CA

Where do I begin. I have never walked into a more pleasant professional caring business in my life. Sharon is alwaysssss helpful and courteous no matter what time of day her meats are always fresh and always has great ideas on food ready to go for every occasion. The sandwich department! Kyle her helper over there is truly phenomenal and always has a smile and wanting to work and serve people I must get 5 sandwiches a week from them and Kyle always seems to make them better than the time before if you're looking for a great lunch please go see them at Main Street meats never ever a disappointment.

Jul 5, 2016
Katy R.'s profile photo
Katy R.
Port Hueneme, CA

Stopped by today and loved everything about this place. local grown product plus healthy choices.  Cheryl was super helpful and patient....  I had no idea what I was talking about and she was very kind.  I'll be back next week :)

Jun 29, 2016
Shonna B.'s profile photo
Shonna B.
Los Angeles, CA

Driving by, I always thought this place was a cheap carniceria. I was looking for something special for my husband for Father's Day and I found out online that this is actually a beautiful high-end organic grass fed dry aged beef and local foods boutique. I was so surprised because the garishly painted advertisements don't match the exquisite quality inside. I bought two New York Strips and then were incredible! Like Michelin Star restaurant good. We were very impressed and will definitely be back!

Jun 19, 2016
Tracy F.'s profile photo
Tracy F.
Ventura, CA

We had some of their sandwiches for the first time today.  They were incredible!  The bread truly makes to sandwich and this bread was the best.  We ordered the Turkey Bacon Panini,  Mama Mia Italiano, and the Turkey Caprese.  All were really fresh and wonderful tasting.  I thought the Turkey Caprese was the best sandwich I've ever had.  We also tried an assortment of side salads.  All were really good.  I especially loved the kale and strawberry salad.  This place knows how to make a great sandwich.  I will be back and look forward to trying out the fresh meats next time I go.

May 10, 2016
Will T.'s profile photo
Will T.
Ventura, CA

Great staff and quality product the staff knows what they are talking about. I have been going here since it was Frank's still a great service and shop

May 8, 2016
Mike S.'s profile photo
Mike S.
Ventura, CA

Love this place. Great meats and very helpful staff. If you have questions about anything they will take the time and give you their expert opinions.  We have been going there for over a year and have loved everything we have purchased from them.   Highly recommend them.

May 1, 2016
Alix L.'s profile photo
Alix L.
Ventura, CA

Once you buy your meat here, you're spoiled and won't go anywhere else because it is SO exceptionally good, as is their service. AND they gave me free sausages on my first visit :-)

Feb 19, 2016
E K.'s profile photo
E K.
Ventura, CA

Kind of obsessed with this place. From the friendly, get-it-done, in and out service to the interesting products in which they stock their store, we consistently walk out of Main Street Meats happy. I really appreciate businesses that not only support sustainable and grassfed meat sourcing, but they have a unique selection at top notch quality. I try to stop in once a week to see what's new on their shelves. Also, loving their new pop-up apothecary section! Who would have thought there would be something healthy and organic even for vegans?!

Feb 16, 2016
Aaronela O.'s profile photo
Aaronela O.
Santa Paula, CA

Exceptional customer service, a couple of sausages on the house, and wait...the best grass fed steaks in the region.  Shop here every week.  You won't be disappointed.  They have a customer for life with us!

Feb 5, 2016
Jim M.'s profile photo
Jim M.
Ventura, CA

Best meat market in Ventura.   Very helpful and friendly staff.  Great selection and very competitive pricing for the quality of products!   We buy all of our meat here - great place!

Dec 30, 2015
June L.'s profile photo
June L.
Ventura, CA

Fabulous standing rib beef roast cut to order and seasoned to perfection. Meat is so well 'handled' package is dry--no juice draining while waiting in the cooler. I bought a Thermapen to ensure proper temp and time. I'll go back.

Dec 26, 2015
Anna S.'s profile photo
Anna S.
Ventura, CA

Delicious deli sandwiches. I got chicken caprese!!!  Everything is very fresh and made to order. Definitely my new favorite place to get sandwiches.

Nov 8, 2015

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